• Alex Brasch

    Senior Population Geographer/Data Analyst
  • Alison Guse

    GIS Technician
  • Benjamin Maloney

    Senior Data Analyst
  • Cedrik Pearson

    GIS Technician
  • Elliot Frank

    GIS Analyst
  • Ethan Poole

    GIS Technician
  • Gavin Jaravata

    GIS Technician
  • Grant Herbert, GISP

    Director of Technology
  • Jed Roberts

    Senior GIS Analyst
  • Jenna Putnam

    GIS Analyst
  • Jenny Axelrod

    Director of Operations
  • Jennifer Elstrott

    GIS Analyst
  • Jennifer King

    Director of People and Development
  • Jerry Oelerich

    Senior Analyst
  • John McKenzie

    Director of Business Development
  • Kate Doiron

    Senior GIS Analyst
  • Kent Martin

    Senior Planner—School District Sector Lead
  • Kevin Rancik

    Project Data Analyst
  • Kimi Shigetani

    Chief Operations Officer
  • Leora Werner

    Director of Marketing
  • Mark Hough

    Chief Financial Officer
  • McKay Larrabee

    Senior GIS Analyst
  • Morgan Josef

    GIS Technician
  • Rebecca Wright

    Project Planner
  • Ruth McColly, GISP

    Senior GIS Analyst
  • Sabrina Turner

    Senior GIS Analyst
  • Steven P. Taylor

  • Tiana Black

    Project Administrator
  • Tyler Vick

    Managing Director