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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an integral tool for cities. It enables efficient and effective planning and implementation across all city departments and can engage and empower citizens. The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) GIS Consortium increases Washington cities’ capacity to utilize GIS technology by leveraging the collective buying power of its members.

The Benefits of GIS

Leverage GIS to improve the operation of utility networks, analyze the value of land and associated improvements, maintain right-of-way assets, develop and share public safety response plans, and promote sustainable communities.

GIS can integrate information between your city’s departments, increasing communication and providing a basis for collaboration and more informed decision-making. Other benefits include:

Capturing institutional knowledge
Preserve your employees’ knowledge before they retire

Increasing efficiencies and reducing costs
Streamline time consuming tasks using the latest technologies

Improving your asset management
Reduce your liability and optimize your operations and maintenance

Engaging your community
Improve transparency by making data accessible

GIS Stack



Whether you need a little or a lot of GIS assistance, we can help you with everything from being an on-call resource for any of your data or mapping needs to helping your organization develop an implementation strategy for ramping up or creating your GIS program.

  • Needs Assessment
  • GIS Program Development
  • Emergency Preparedness & Management
  • Land Records
  • Planning & Development
  • Public Safety
  • Public Works
  • Water, Sewer, & Storm Utilities
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Internal Collaboration


Select the service tier that best suits your city’s needs.

GIS Consortium


Q: Can I purchase additional consulting hours after using the initial tier allotment?

A: Yes, additional hours can be purchased at the rate that corresponds to your tier.

Q: I’ve already had a needs assessment. Do I need to have another one when I join the Consortium?

A: No. If you’ve already had a GIS needs assessment, we will attribute additional consulting hours in lieu of the GIS needs assessment.

Q: We already have/do not need an Online Data Viewer/Open Data Portal. Can we receive additional consulting hours instead of these products?

A: Yes. Cities that already have or do not want Online Data Viewer or Open Data Portal will be given additional consulting hours.

Q: How long does membership last?

A: Membership in the Consortium is on an annual basis. You must renew your membership and pay the fee each year. 

Q: Will our membership be renewed automatically?

A: Yes. If you do not wish to re-join the Consortium, you must provide AWC with written notice withing 30 days of the end of your membership term. See our participation agreement and enrollment application for more information.

Q: Are there any additional administration fees?

A: Yes. There is an additional $100 administration fee for tiers 1 and 2 and a $200 administration fee for tiers 3 and 4. 

Learn more about the AWC GIS Consortium and download the Consortium brochure.

Case Studies
  • GIS Needs Assessment: City Government

    Client: City of Pullman

  • Industrial Lands Conditions & Infrastructure Assessment

    Client: City of Spokane

  • GIS Needs Assessment: Stormwater Utility

    Client: City of Shelton

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