Better Decision-Making Tools for Land Conservation

Client: Inland Northwest Land Conservancy

Location: Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho

Inland Northwest Land Conservancy (INLC) works with willing private landowners who wish to conserve their land in six counties in eastern Washington and northern Idaho – a huge service area spanning hundreds of miles. In need of decision-making tools that would allow them to quickly vet opportunistic inquiries from landowners interested in land conservation, INLC got in touch with FLO.

We worked closely with INLC staff, board, and other partners to prioritize privately owned lands INLC could potentially acquire, strategically focusing on parcels along rivers, lakes, and streams. To identify areas to target for habitat and working lands conservation, we used environmental datasets such as priority habitats and species, land cover, and prime farmland soils, in conjunction with information related to proximity to other conservation projects, visibility of potential properties from scenic byways, and adjacent land ownership.

Now when calls come in, INLC can refer to the prioritization results to quickly review the property and determine its conservation value relative to other properties throughout their region.

“You understand what conservation practitioners like my organization need. Your people tailor the projects to our level of comprehension, sophistication, and funding. We invested in a GIS tool that we use constantly, and that assures us that we are focusing attention on efforts that make sense.” –Chris DeForest, Conservation Director

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