City of New Orleans Redistricting

Client: City of New Orleans

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

FLO and The Hawthorne Agency (THA) partnered to provide the City of New Orleans with redistricting services under an extremely compressed schedule. FLO and THA were hired in late January 2022 with a project deadline of March 15, 2022. The team facilitated community meetings in each district, solicited input from council members, conducted an educational presentation about redistricting before the city council and the public, developed and maintained an informational website, built and deployed two online mapping tools, and developed draft and final redistricting maps.

With THA’s assistance, FLO’s analysts were able to integrate public comments and council member perspectives into the draft and final maps. Despite the need to expedite the project, the team was able to gather and distill valuable community input and provide a redistricting process that earned the public’s trust.

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