Salmonid Habitat Conservation

Client: Capitol Land Trust

Location: Thurston County, Washington

Capitol Land Trust had a very specific conservation planning goal in mind when they approached us to help them identify high-priority parcels for salmonid habitat conservation in Thurston County, Washington. To meet the requirements of their landowner outreach grant, they decided to incorporate GIS to objectively reduce the potential options to a manageable number, and then screen the results and incorporate their institutional knowledge to identify the best candidates for their outreach efforts. Not only did we identify the top candidates for outreach, we also ranked all properties in the county. Both the results of the prioritization analysis and the information that went into developing the methodology were neatly organized in GIS, enabling the Trust to use the information as a decision support tool for identifying additional conservation opportunities.

In order to support the prioritization analysis, we needed to compile the Trust’s properties into a single GIS dataset. Since the landowner boundaries were being tracked in GIS, but additional information was being tracked in an existing Microsoft (MS) Access landowner database, we integrated the information to provide consistent landowner information in a single system accessible in both GIS and MS Access. The MS Access database component of the geodatabase included customized queries, standardized property information, and data entry forms that allow easy updating of information.

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