Enterprise GIS Upgrades an Asset Management System

Client: City of Monroe

Location: Monroe, Washington

About the Project

City of Monroe knew they could use their GIS for more than creating electronic copies of paper maps to track assets for their public works department, but weren’t sure where to start. The implementation of a new asset management system presented an opportunity to assess their existing GIS and make better use of the tools and data they already had on hand. We worked with them to evaluate their current and future GIS and asset management needs, identified current pain points and goals, and developed a multiyear plan to achieve those goals.

Meet the Client

Monroe is a small city of about 19,363 residents in Snohomish County, Washington. Although it’s just 30 miles from Seattle, it retains its small-town feel.


Very early on in our evaluation of the city’s needs, it became clear that the city would benefit from an Enterprise GIS system. Not only would it enable them to incorporate mapping into their asset management system, but it would also save them from having to send regular data updates to the vendor to host on their behalf. On a larger scale the Enterprise GIS system would allow the city to better coordinate data between departments, maintain a single authoritative data repository, deliver web maps to citizens and staff, and support fieldwork operations.


We cleaned and compiled the city’s data, developed a data model that considered future data needs, and designed and implemented an Esri Enterprise GIS platform for the city. We coordinated closely with the asset management system vendor to ensure that the map services and authentication were to specification and supported all required functionality.


Since deployment, the city has leveraged their new Enterprise GIS platform to deliver on a variety of internal mapping needs to staff and are already seeing the benefits of a single comprehensive data and mapping platform. One example: the new platform helped city staff to quickly create and publish an interactive web map detailing the city’s current affordable housing assets and zoning data. The web map is now available to assist urban planners in identifying underused lands, properties in disrepair, and infill opportunities.

City of Monroe is a member of the Association of Cities GIS Consortium, a program that works to improve access to GIS services for Washington communities. Learn more about the AWC GIS Consortium.

Their Thoughts

“FLO Analytics never fails to impress. After-hours support needed? Done. Strange question? No problem. Forgot how to do some task? Happy to point out the basics. Professional, prompt, accurate, and efficient. Aside from coming into the office and doing the work for me, I’m not sure what else they could do.” —Mark Neumann, City of Monroe Civil Designer

Our Thoughts

“Rather than simply reacting to an immediate need to have their GIS data prepared for an asset management system rollout, the city had the foresight and determination to do things right and consider future applications and use, resulting in a GIS platform that not only supports their public works department but also is expanding to the entire city government. Now when they have an idea for a web map or tool, they are able to have it built and running in a matter of days.” —Grant Herbert, FLO Director of Technology

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