Environmental Data Management, Coeur d’Alene Trust

Client: Coeur d’Alene Trust

Location: Silver Valley, Northern Idaho

The Coeur d’Alene Trust’s data management goals are to promote secure, consistent, and efficient management of data throughout the extended timeframe of activities undertaken in the Upper and Lower Basins of the Coeur d’Alene River in Northern Idaho. We developed an environmental data management system for the CdA Trust that is used as the repository and resource for all CdA Trust data and documents associated with investigation, design, construction, and monitoring work completed by the CdA Trust.

To meet the CdA Trust’s needs, we designed (and are always refining) SQL Server databases and libraries to house historical and current field and analytical sample data, work plans, reports, photos, survey and mapping information, and design plans and specifications. Also, as the CdA Trust has a number of contractors collecting data and submitting documents and information almost daily, we developed data collection and data management protocols that are summarized in a data management plan to help ensure data quality and standardization. To make field data collection easier, we created custom mobile forms for tablet use, which feed into the back end of the environmental data management system.

Beyond maintaining all of this information in an organized and accessible state, to aid the CdA Trust with conveying project statuses and complex concepts to the USEPA and the public, our GIS and data analysts provide regular support by performing GIS-based spatial analyses and developing visuals of all sorts through the use of GIS and environmental visualization software.

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