Event Analytics Dashboard Solves Long-Standing Member Engagement Challenge

Client: Association of Washington Cities

Location: Olympia, Washington


About the Project

The Association of Washington Cities collected event attendance data for years, but without an easy way to visualize the information AWC could not efficiently identify their less engaged members. FLO developed a Tableau-powered event analytics dashboard with a user-friendly interface to quickly reveal participation trends and help AWC identify segments of the membership that required additional outreach.

“The AWC Event Analytics Dashboard combined years of event attendance information we’ve always wanted to know in a user-friendly, dynamic, and informative way. We were able to quickly and easily analyze the information in order to develop a targeted plan that resulted in increased attendance at our major events.” —Tonia Sugarman, AWC Director of Member Services

Meet the Client

AWC is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan corporation that represents Washington’s cities and towns before the state legislature, the state executive branch, and with regulatory agencies. Founded in 1933, AWC works with city officials to ensure decision makers know that the state is only as strong as its cities and towns, provides education for municipal leaders and helps its members make fact-based decisions, identify trends, and explore new ways to approach issues.


Key Project Highlights

  • The event analytics dashboard allowed the AWC Events and Education team to identify less-engaged members and target them with focused outreach campaigns.
  • AWC was able to monitor event registration in real time, allowing them to measure the success of their outreach efforts and quickly adjust strategies as needed.
  • The event analytics dashboard significantly reduced the amount of time the team spent producing event registration reports for AWC leadership.
  • The event analytics dashboard made it possible to quickly identify which event topics were attracting certain segments of their membership.

“I loved building this dashboard! It yielded so many valuable insights because AWC already had great data about their membership. They just needed a way to make it useful.” —John McKenzie, former FLO Senior Analyst

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