Facility Siting Analysis and GIS Needs Assessment

Client: Clark Regional Wastewater District

Location: Clark County, Washington

We recently began providing Clark Regional Wastewater District support on multiple fronts. The District is one of the largest wastewater districts in the state of Washington and provides professional wastewater services to more than 81,000 people throughout Clark County.

We’re in the process of conducting a facility siting analysis for the District to determine the best location for an operations and maintenance facility in their recently expanded service area. The facility siting analysis is unique in that it not only includes common criteria required for siting a facility, but also includes an analysis of existing and future infrastructure demand. The demand analysis will determine the return on investment for each potential facility by incorporating the cost for routine maintenance activities over multiple years.

We’re also getting ready to kick off a needs assessment for the District in order to better understand the requirements for developing and optimizing the District’s integrated asset management system. The needs assessment will focus on finding areas where additional systems integration can further optimize and automate the day-to-day management of the District’s infrastructure, including the expanded use of mobile field devices for field data collection.

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Asset Management
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