Fiber-Optic Network – Asset Management System

Client: Port of Whitman County

Location: Whitman County, Washington

The Port of Whitman County (Port), like all Washington ports, is empowered with broad economic authority to bring businesses and jobs to its local community. In support of these objectives, the Port has developed infrastructure plans to facilitate access to enhanced telecommunications services in eastern Washington. The challenge the Port faced early on in the process, however, was the lack of centralized access and management of datasets critical to the day-to-day management of the fiber-optic network. To rectify the situation, the Port engaged us to assist them with the development of a database driven mapping application.

The asset management project involved compiling and standardizing large amounts of GIS and field data, creating a fiber-optic network, creating an interactive mapping application, and developing interactive tools to update key network attributes. The completed interactive map and database application enabled the Port to view engineering blueprints, print scalable maps, and provide updated information to prospective clients with a couple clicks of a button.

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