GIS Program Development

Client: Columbia Land Trust

Location: Columbia River Region, Oregon and Washington

With a large number of GIS users throughout the organization, Columbia Land Trust decided it was time to ramp up their capabilities and install some structure to their use of GIS. As a first step, a needs assessment helped to develop a clear vision of their essential and intended future uses. We then used the insight gained from the assessment to provide recommendations and guide priorities and actions for their GIS program development. This sort of planning and implementation process allowed for a step-wise and focused transition and got everyone on the same page at the same time.

Key GIS program development and implementation aspects included:

  • Standardizing supporting data and developing a data dictionary
  • Developing metadata for spatial datasets, including metadata templates
  • Implementing an archiving workflow for maintaining spatial data as they’re updated
  • A data management plan and workflow procedures to streamline coordination between staff and offices
  • Training in workflow procedures and best practices of data management
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