School Facility Planning with Interactive Mapping Tools

Client: Edmonds School District

Location: Snohomish County, Washington

Edmonds School District (ESD) found themselves in need of a better way to use student enrollment projections to plan for future facilities. The problem? The district’s enrollment projections provided forecasts for the district as a whole. That made it challenging to know where within the district the student population was changing. Without knowing where more students would be living in the future, the district couldn’t make informed decisions about where to site new schools. 

With our geographic approach to student enrollment forecasting, we provided ESD with detailed, neighborhood-level enrollment projections for their elementary, middle, and high schools. Our approach revealed valuable information previously unavailable to ESD, such as:

  • Which neighborhoods are growing or declining
  • How population change will impact individual schools
  • How neighborhood growth will change in five years vs. ten years
  • Demographic details about students living different areas of ESD, and which schools they attend

Additionally, we provided ESD with a web-based map application, so district leaders can interact with their geographic data, as well as final enrollment projections from our analysis. The interactive maps allow them to more accurately plan for their short and long term facility needs by modeling different scenarios in real-time. The mapping tools paired with accurate data enabled ESD to effectively, efficiently, and reliably plan for the future.

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