Student Enrollment Analysis

Client: Central Valley School District

Location: Spokane Valley, Washington

Central Valley School District (CVSD), located in the Spokane Valley in Washington State, is currently managing increasing student enrollments, along with shifts in enrollment toward its eastern area, where residential growth is highest. CVSD also anticipates complete K-12 redistricting in the near future.

We engaged with CVSD in order to conduct an analysis of their student enrollment to help better understand factors that are likely to impact the distribution of future students. We also paid specific attention to two elementary schools on the western side of the district that have been experiencing declining student enrollment.

To empower the CVSD to make data-driven decisions on future facility planning, we conducted an intensive demographic and land use analysis, including reviewing current and projected student enrollment forecasts, U.S. Census data, Spokane Valley’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and recent residential development.

GIS Support and Development
Spatial Analysis
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Tyler Vick


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