Student Enrollment Forecasting: Burlington-Edison School District

Client: Burlington-Edison Public Schools

Location: Skagit County, Washington

The Burlington-Edison School District was in the process of updating their Capital Facility Plan when they reached out to us for a new student enrollment projection. A student enrollment projection like this one helps districts make critical decisions regarding future building infrastructure and classroom resources.

Because our team specializes in a holistically geographic approach to student enrollment projections, we were able to go beyond a traditional enrollment forecast by giving the district some insight into the geographic distribution of students living inside and outside the district.


Our work has allowed the district to answer important questions like:

  • Will the district see increasing or decreasing enrollment?
  • How will district enrollment change in six years vs ten years?
  • How do forecasts compare between elementary, middle, and high schoolers?
  • Who are the students living in catchments and what schools do they attend?
  • For any given school, where in the district are students travelling from?
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Tyler Vick

Tyler Vick


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