Boundary Review Update: New Boundary Approval for Central Valley School District

Author: Tyler Vick Published: August 30, 2016

We recently wrapped up the boundary review process for Central Valley School District and are happy to announce the approval of 13 new elementary school boundaries. This approval is the result of eight weeks of facilitated committee meetings, public open houses, and the diligent work of the boundary review committee. We supported the process by providing the committee with our custom interactive mapping tools, enabling on-the-fly scenario modeling. These interactive maps showed the impact to enrollment numbers, effects on special programs, impacts to diversity, and access to free and reduced lunches, etc., for each proposed boundary change.

The K-12 GeoViewer brings together the results of our enrollment and land use analyses and the springboard proposal that served as the starting point for the boundary review process. Having crucial information readily available for the review committee allowed them to make data driven decisions as they navigated the boundary review process.

We’re excited to continue our work with Central Valley School District with middle and high school boundary reviews this fall.