Simplify Student Enrollment Forecasts with FLO’s Interactive Dashboards

Author: Kent Martin Published: July 17, 2023

Understanding student enrollment forecasts can be challenging. FLO is here to simplify the way you analyze and comprehend your school district’s enrollment projections. Our user-friendly interactive dashboards are designed to provide you with a crystal-clear understanding of future enrollment trends.


Data visualizationGain Insightful Perspectives with Interactive Dashboards

We believe in empowering school districts to make informed decisions. With our forecast dashboards, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of projected enrollments or zoom in to examine forecasts specific to schools or grade levels. The dashboard incorporates school capacities, enabling district leaders to easily determine whether schools are or will be under or over enrolled. This flexibility enables you to analyze trends, plan resources, and adapt strategies accordingly.


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Engage Your Stakeholders 

Forecast dashboards are great tools to share with school boards, parents, and community members and facilitate understanding of current and future trends. School boards with visual representations of enrollment projections can allocate resources effectively, and parents and community members benefit from the transparency and clarity the dashboards provide.


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Meet Your District’s Goals with Tailored Solutions

FLO prides itself on its ability to deliver customized solutions that precisely meet the unique needs of your school district. We understand that each district has its own set of requirements, priorities, and goals when it comes to student enrollment forecasting. That’s why we offer the expertise and flexibility to create tailor-made dashboards specifically designed to address your district’s specific needs.


Try Out a Sample Dashboard Yourself

To experience the power of our forecast dashboards firsthand, we invite you to explore a sample Tableau dashboard. For optimal viewing, we recommend using Chrome or Edge. Click here to open the dashboard in a new tab

Ready to learn more? Head to our enrollment forecasting services page.


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