3 Reasons to Join the AWC GIS Consortium

Author: Tyler Vick Published: September 8, 2017

FLO and the Association of Washington Cities partner to run the GIS Consortium, an AWC program that helps Washington cities, counties, and special districts in Washington implement or improve GIS for their organization.

Since the GIS Consortium launched in July 2016, 15 cities and non-city entities have joined, working with AWC and FLO to implement GIS solutions that improve the delivery of services, increase community engagement and data transparency, and streamline internal workflows.

Whether you’re a GIS pro or just a beginner, the GIS Consortium can help your organization be more effective, efficient and sustainable. Not convinced the GIS Consortium is for you? Here are three major reasons to join.


1. It’s affordable.

By leveraging the collective buying power of AWC members, the GIS Consortium provides a low-cost way to access the knowledge and resources needed to fully implement the right GIS solution for you.

The GIS Consortium’s flexible structure allows you to purchase just the right amount of GIS services for your city, allowing you to reach your goals without taking on the costs associated with additional GIS staff and equipment. Click here to learn more about membership costs.


2. You get a free rapid GIS needs assessment.

Each GIS Consortium service tier comes with a free rapid GIS needs assessment—an objective way to determine the state of GIS at your organization, identify your goals for GIS implementation, and recommendations for how to move forward. Information is gathered by FLO Analytics GIS Analysts, who meet with key staff that use or would like to use GIS, for a 2-3 hour on-site informational interview. FLO then creates a report to summarize findings, which serves as a handy decision-making tool for determining next steps.


3. It’s flexible.

The GIS Consortium doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, FLO’s experienced GIS analysts work with you to figure out where your organization’s pain points are, and how GIS can help. The service hours that come with each membership tier are completely flexible, and can be used towards any GIS project that will help you achieve your goals. See some of the service areas offered by the GIS Consortium here.

Ready to join? Visit wacities.org to get started.


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