Project Announcement: Washington County Certificate Boundaries Review

Author: Grant Herbert, GISP Published: April 11, 2016

We are happy to announce that our team has been chosen to complete a boundary review of solid waste and recycling collection certificate areas in Washington County, OR.


Solid waste and recycling collection are regulated by code within unincorporated Washington County. Any company providing these services requires a certificate, which gives them exclusive authority to collect waste within a given geographical area. Washington County’s certificate boundaries were originally drawn in 1969 and updated in 1974.

certificate boundaries

Our work:

Beginning in May we’ll be reviewing and mapping the current operational boundaries as well as the original certificate boundaries. Since the last boundary update in 1974, Washington County has experienced a considerable amount of growth, necessitating the clarification and drawing of new certificate boundaries to optimize solid waste and recycling collection.

Through the investigation of historic records and by working with current operators, our team will identify and document any discrepancies in existing boundaries and certificate service areas. In a collaborative effort with Washington County and the existing certificate holders, we will then consolidate the 21 existing certificate areas into 11 updated areas.

As part of the project, our team will provide precise electronic and paper maps of the updated areas. These maps will serve both as a record of changes from the original certificate area boundaries and as a reference point for the county moving forward.

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