Smarter School District Planning: 3 Essential Tools

Author: Tyler Vick Published: July 27, 2017

Are you using the best possible data and analytics for school district planning?

Here are three essential tools you can use to make more confident, data-driven planning decisions.

1. Accurate student enrollment forecasting, by attendance area

Don’t waste time with one-size-fits-all data and confusing software. Our experienced analysts reliably forecast how student populations change over time, not only for your district as a whole, but for each school.

2. Carefully vetted school siting recommendations 

Projected distribution of students, planned housing developments, community values—there’s a lot to consider when siting a new school. We can help you make siting decisions that serve the students of today and tomorrow with a ranked list of available land parcels compiled to fit your district’s unique criteria.

3. Data-driven & consensus-based school attendance area boundary reviews

If it’s time to update school boundaries, make sure you’re taking advantage of the best-possible data, and including the community in the review process. We can guide you through a boundary review and help successfully update school attendance areas that satisfy the needs of your community and the district.

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