School Boundary Reviews

Navigating a boundary review can be tough. It’s often emotional for families affected by new attendance areas, and school districts can find themselves challenged to make data-driven decisions and provide transparency to stakeholders.

But with our comprehensive school boundary review services, districts can successfully update attendance area boundaries based on accurate data and community input. Our expert boundary review team uses accurate student enrollment forecasting, interactive mapping tools, and community consensus-building to guide you through every step of our proven boundary review process, ensuring that new boundary recommendations are easily approved by your school board and the community.


“Once again our successful boundary adjustment process was made possible by the incredible work FLO Analytics. We found that FLO’s ability to produce quick, easy, beautiful, and interactive boundary maps allowed the team to make immediate, data driven decisions with absolute confidence and a deep understanding of the impacts.  Thank you to FLO! The work was invaluable and I am certain that we would not have had the same results without your participation.”                  —Rosalind Medina, CFO, Tacoma Public Schools

How to Update School Boundaries | FLO Analytics

Our Guide to Updating School Boundaries

Updating school attendance area boundaries can be complex and contentious, and most districts will undertake the process more than once. Yet, there are few well-known best practices.

Until now.

Our guide to updating boundaries explores the four major steps in the boundary update process. Whether you’re just starting to think about a boundary update or already have one planned, this free e-book will provide the knowledge you need to successfully lead a data-driven boundary update that satisfies the needs of your community and your school district.

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