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School-Siting-Icon-and-TextAnticipating future growth and thinking ahead about where to ideally site a new school? Our school siting services help you easily and efficiently decide where to build new facilities in your district.

Using advanced mapping and analytical tools, we can identify how land use trends will affect the future distribution of students in your district, and provide a ranked list of potential properties that are a good fit for future facilities, and will accommodate your forecasted enrollment. With the prioritized properties, you can quickly compare and contrast siting options and confidently make your siting decisions.

“FLO has been instrumental in helping our district understand not only how many students we can expect to have in the future, but more importantly, where these students are likely reside in our district. Their work has allowed us to make more informed decisions regarding our facility needs.”   Ron Cowan, Assistant Superintendent, Bellingham Public Schools


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