K12 Planning Technology

Bring your K12 planning and community engagement into the 21st century with our secure web-based tools that are easy to use and tailored to your unique needs. Any school district can take advantage of our custom web applications and software—no technical experience necessary.

Turn community engagement into actionable insights.

Find out what’s happening in your community and take action based on what you learn with FLO Engage, a dynamic engagement tool that syncs with your student information system.

Powerful Planning. No Data Analyst Required.

  • Quickly and easily find answers to your “what if” questions with summary statistics on school capacities, utilizations, and potential boundary revisions.
  • Easy-to-navigate web portal configured with the most up-to-date and customized data.
  • Explore enrollment, demographic, and housing development data to stay on top of trends.

A Community Tool Built for Your Schools.

  • Free up your front desk phone lines with 24/7 access to an online tool that lets the community search for a student’s school based on their home address.
  • Embed it in your district’s website, or share it anywhere with a URL link.
  • Endlessly customizable, the app can serve as a one-stop shop for information about each school in your district, including current and future school assignments and based on boundary revisions.

Intelligent Residential Development Intelligence.

  • Identify and track residential development in your area, exploring the number and type of planned units and how they may impact your student enrollment.
  • Integrate local planning data with your catchment or attendance areas so you can better plan for future capacity needs, and engage in meaningful conversations during long-range facility planning processes.
  • Make on-the-fly updates to the app with your own development data, allowing you maximize usefulness
  • Easily provide development and source data to an in-house or consultant demographer for efficient integration into your next student enrollment forecast.

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