Program Analysis and Placement

Providing students equitable access to advanced courses and special programs is an important part of our mission. We have found that, for many reasons, it is difficult for school districts to create equitable programmatic opportunities for all students. FLO’s team of former education leaders have experience creating equitable course and program offerings in districts of all sizes and demographic make-up.

Identify. We work with district leaders to identify the advanced courses and special programs to include in the equity study and then identify areas of the district that have high or low concentrations of advanced courses and special programs compared to overall student population in those areas.



Analyze. We analyze the demographics of these courses and programs to determine whether the student demographic makeup is similar to the general student population.

Recommend. We analyze a district’s advanced course and special program placement, enrollment policies, and procedures and include recommendations for revising them to increase educational equity and promote diversity.

“I appreciated the partnership with which I worked with FLO. It was more productive because of that feeling of partnership that permeated the work.”

- Brett Larsen, Poudre School District


Sample Mean Centers Map

Sample Program Analysis Results

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