Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

There’s more to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) than picking up a joystick. It’s safely and accurately capturing data—and what you do with the data—that matters.

Utilizing UAS equipped with cutting-edge sensor technology, our FAA-certified remote pilots efficiently capture high-resolution aerial data for up to 250 acres in just one 45-minute flight. Our analysts work with you to translate aerial images and other data into actionable deliverables, ensuring that the final product meets your exact end-use requirements.

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Our Commitment to Safety

  • FAA Part 333 granted
  • $1M liability insurance
  • FAA Part 107 Certification


What We Do

High-Definition Site Photos & Videos

Aerial photos and videos allow you to instantly gain new perspectives of your site or property.

Our UAS capture high-definition images and fly-through videos to help you:

• Document progression and critical milestones throughout the life of a project

• Visualize the potential of a site or property

• Capture stunning aerial visuals for promotional purposes

Aerial Imagery & Mapping

Mapping with high-resolution aerial imagery provides unparalleled spatial information essential to site planning with modern software like GIS and AutoCAD.

Our UAS pilots will fly your site, then merge traditional survey data with customized aerial imagery that results in invaluable mapping tools for all land monitoring and improvement projects.

Terrain Modeling & Volumetric Analysis

Terrain modeling and volumetric analysis have unlimited applications in asset management, site planning, engineering, geology and natural resources management.

Our experienced team can:

• Create digital surface models that show you the full picture with all features mapped on a site including buildings, trees, vehicles, etc.

• Develop digital terrain models that illustrate bare-earth landscapes void of all features, so you can clearly see the detailed elevation and terrain of your site

• Efficiently and accurately estimate the volume of your assets in a stockpile, log deck, rock quarry, or mining site.

Aerial Imagery Helps Conserve Critical Habitat | FLO Analytics

Vegetation Mapping & Natural Resources Management

UAS are the perfect tool for monitoring farmland and natural resource management activities such like habitat mapping and restoration monitoring. Our UAS’ specialized near infrared and thermal sensors support vegetation quantification, wildlife detection, and mapping stream temperature dynamics.

If you need an efficient way to monitor your farm, we can create custom maps that assist with visual inspections, elevation modeling, soil property and moisture analysis, crop health/stress analysis, and more.

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