Eric Sack, Senior GIS Analyst at FLO Analytics

Eric Sack, GISP

Senior GIS Analyst

Eric spent the first half of his GIS career working in the Atlanta area on several economic development and transportation projects as a public servant and consultant. Eric has a wealth of experience in applying GIS applications to real-world problems but is constantly reminded of how dynamic and ever-changing GIS use is in our world. When he’s not in the office, Eric spends time exploring the northwest with his dogs and enjoys hiking, camping, and playing golf.

“I chose GIS as my career path because I wanted to use spatial solutions to solve complex human and physical geography related issues. I wanted to use data, analytics, and visualization tools to enable smart management of our built and natural world. Working at FLO has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other talented GIS professionals while implementing cutting-edge technology for our clients.”


Bachelor of Science in Geography, Southern Oregon University


Certified GIS Professional: No. 18534