Ethan Poole, GIS Technician at FLO Analytics

Ethan Poole

GIS Technician

Ethan is a GIS professional with a background in urban and regional planning. His consulting experience includes leveraging GIS to facilitate regional growth and to assist in long-range planning for local governments. Ethan is a strong believer in combining data-driven analysis with community-driven knowledge, and is passionate about cultivating local control over development and change through incorporating a client’s local knowledge into a project to achieve a more nuanced understanding of complex issues. When not at work, he enjoys gardening, sailing on the Columbia River, playing golf, and trying to discuss municipal zoning policy with anyone who will listen.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Classics, Willamette University
  • GIS Certificate, Portland Community College
“I’m constantly fascinated by the ability of GIS to illuminate new rhythms and information. Even at a time when it feels as though we’ve learned all there is to know about the earth, GIS opens doors to new stories about ourselves both as individuals and as a community.”