Kate Dorion, FLO Analytics

Kate Doiron

Senior GIS Analyst

Kate has 15 years of GIS experience helping federal, state, and non-profit clients solve complex geospatial problems and manage spatial data. Prior to joining FLO, Kate spent ten years as the sole GIS specialist at an environmental consulting firm in Boston, where she oversaw GIS operations and analyses. Kate has experience using her GIS skillsets to assist staff with hundreds of spatial project tasks, including GIS modeling and raster data processing, for a variety of federal and state clients.

Kate excels at designing web tool workflows, managing complex multi-year projects, and organizing large environmental datasets for use by both scientists and the public. She has expertise in large scale natural resource damage assessments for NOAA, critical habitat location analyses for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and spatial demographic assessments for the USEPA.

Kate brings her GIS and project experience to the FLO East Coast Region team, currently focusing on school district and GIS consortium project work. A resident of the mid-coast Maine region, Kate spends her time hiking the coast with her rescue dog, working on her 150-year-old house, and fostering puppies.

“I love solving complex issues using GIS! It’s like figuring out an exciting puzzle. What unique combination of spatial data and GIS tools will give us the best solution to move a project forward? At FLO, my team members and I are also pieces of the puzzle, using our skills to produce compelling results.”


Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, Wellesley College

Master of Arts in Geographic Information Science for Development and the Environment, Clark University