Will Terry, PhD

Data Analyst

Will supports FLO’s data analytic services, particularly those related to legislative and school redistricting and public education enrollment forecasting. He is a quantitatively oriented social scientist and recent Political Science professor at the University of Oregon with a broad and extensive background as an analyst in academic, financial and government settings. Previously, he held positions as a Politics postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University, a Tax Analyst at the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, an institutional researcher at Caltech and an analyst at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter’s commercial paper desk in New York.

Will graduated magna cum laude from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in mathematics and economics. He subsequently matriculated in a mathematical economics Ph.D. program at Caltech and took substantial coursework in statistics and public sector economics before earning his Ph.D. in Political Science from UCSD with a focus on statistical methodology.

His dissertation—addressing the public policy implications of minority voting in the post-VRA South at the state and congressional levels—was funded by a highly competitive dissertation grant from the National Science Foundation.

What I love most about my job is the way it marries my interest in technical statistical pursuits and real-world policy issues that allow our clients to serve their communities more efficiently and more equitably.

Fundamentally, Will’s academic research has focused on identifying the causes and consequences of U.S. public policy. He is highly fluent in several leading statistical languages and data management and visualization and analysis software packages (notably R, Stata, Excel and increasingly SQL), and he is moderately conversant in most other prominent statistical languages.

Will’s significant research and teaching experience—including several years teaching Ph.D.-level statistics courses—complements his own advanced theoretical statistical coursework. As a professor, he managed dozens of Ph.D. students and teaching assistants over the course of a decade and sat on numerous dissertation and faculty committees.

In his spare time, Will enjoys falling off his skateboard, running in Forest Park, and exploring the Pacific Northwest with his lovely daughter.


Ph.D., University of California, San Diego (Political Science)

MS., California Institute of Technology (Economics)

BA., Washington University in St. Louis (Mathematics and Economics, magna cum laude)