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We are intrinsically grounded in “place,” and its relationship to people, the land, and the built environment. Whether you are a local government, school district, utility, association, or conservation organization, we are committed to helping you use GIS and data analytics to make informed decisions.

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  • School Districts
  • Local Government
  • Utilities
  • Associations
  • Conservation
  • School Districts

    Our experienced team of GIS and data analysts, demographers, and K12 planners partner with you to solve your school district’s toughest planning challenges with data-driven and community-focused solutions. Continue Reading

  • Local Government

    Whether you are a local government starting GIS from scratch or improving existing systems, we can establish programs and help you build capacity to better serve the public. You’ll improve transparency and operate more effectively. Continue Reading

  • Utilities

    Utilities are the backbone of our everyday lives. From inventory development and streamlined field data collection, to systems integration with operation and maintenance software, we help engineers, dispatchers, accountants, and crews strategically manage critical assets. Continue Reading

  • Associations

    We create data analysis and visualization tools to support associations with every facet of their organization, from amplifying advocacy campaigns to increasing operational efficiency. Continue Reading

  • Conservation

    From conservation planning to land acquisitions, we use GIS to help focus your conservation strategy, make data driven decisions, and tell your story to partners, community stakeholders and funders. Continue Reading

Redistricting Services

We are ready to support your redistricting process, no matter how simple or complex it may be. Work with FLO, and you’ll be using the best analytical methods to ensure your redistricting initiative is transparent, data-driven, and complies with federal, state, and local regulations.

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  • Storymap Advances Legislation to Address Salmon Recovery and Fish-Blocking Culverts

    Client: Association of Washington Cities

  • Upgraded Stormwater Fee Roll Process Takes 50% Less Time, Realizing Cost Savings for a County Public Works

    Client: Whatcom County Public Works Department

  • FLO Engage Supports Enrollment Planning for New High School

    Client: Central Valley School District

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