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  • County of San Diego Redistricting

    Client: County of San Diego
  • Cemetery Management Streamlined with Web Mapping Application

    Client: City of Omak
  • Facility Utilization Assessment and Boundary Adjustment

    Client: Harford County Public Schools
  • City of Reno Redistricting

    Client: City of Reno
  • Analyses of Local Trends in Housing and Student Choice Lead to More Reliable Enrollment Forecasts

    Client: Edmonds School District
  • Upgraded Stormwater Fee Roll Process Takes 50% Less Time, Realizing Cost Savings for a County Public Works

    Client: Whatcom County Public Works Department
  • City of New Orleans Redistricting

    Client: City of New Orleans
  • Student Enrollment Forecasting and Boundary Analysis Support Long-Term Facility Planning

    Client: The School District of Philadelphia
  • City of Roseville Redistricting

    Client: City of Roseville
  • Event Analytics Dashboard Solves Long-Standing Member Engagement Challenge

    Client: Association of Washington Cities
  • Data Compilation, Planning Strategies, and Public Engagement Support Grade Reconfiguration

    Client: Centennial School District
  • FLO Engage Supports Enrollment Planning for New High School

    Client: Central Valley School District
  • Enterprise GIS Upgrades an Asset Management System

    Client: City of Monroe
  • GIS Data Migration, Asset Management, and GIS Needs Assessment

    Client: Clackamas County Water Environmental Services
  • Social Media-Integrated COVID-19 Dashboard Amplifies National Cities Are Essential Campaign

    Client: Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
  • Storymap Advances Legislation to Address Salmon Recovery and Fish-Blocking Culverts

    Client: Association of Washington Cities
  • Electronic Field Forms Solve Asset Management Workflow Challenges

    Client: Clark Regional Wastewater District
  • 3D Terrain Model Saves Time and Money

    Client: Potlatch
  • Robust Enrollment Forecasting and Boundary Committee Process Enhances A Boundary Adjustment Project

    Client: North Clackamas School District
  • Aerial Imagery Helps Conserve Critical Habitat

    Client: Inland Northwest Land Conservancy
  • Aerial Imagery Highlights a Waterfront’s Revitalization

    Client: Port of Ridgefield
  • Aerial Maps Reveal Flooding Impacts on Farmland

    Client: Plas Newydd Farm
  • Agricultural Resource Lands Protection

    Client: Pierce County
  • Data Needs Assessment Assists with Sage Grouse Conservation

    Client: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Development Activity Map Builds Data Transparency

    Client: City of Sammamish
  • Interactive Story Map

    Client: Greenbelt Land Trust
  • Improving Asset Management for a Utility District

    Client: Snoqualmie Pass Utility District
  • Land Redevelopment Project Takes Flight with Aerial Imagery and Mapping

    Client: ELESCO Limited
  • Plumbers Union Benefits from Business Intelligence

    Client: U.A. Local 32, the Seattle Plumbers and Pipefitters Union
  • Boundary Adjustment Balances For 10-Year Projected Enrollment

    Client: Salem-Keizer Public Schools
  • Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Boundary Review

    Client: Washington County
  • UAS Deployed for Disaster Documentation

    Client: City of Ellensburg
  • UAS Used for Landfill Management

    Client: Cowlitz County Headquarters Landfill
  • Using UAS for Efficient and Accurate Topographic Mapping

    Client: McLucas & Associates (for Kennedy Creek Quarry)
  • Conservation Planning

    Client: Wallowa Land Trust
  • Student Enrollment and Diversity: A Balancing Act

    Client: Tacoma Public Schools
  • GIS Strategic Plan Sets Up a City’s GIS Program for Success

    Client: City of Pullman
  • GIS Needs Assessment: Stormwater Utility

    Client: City of Shelton
  • Donor and Participant Analysis – International Student Exchange Program

    Client: AFS-USA
  • Asset Management and GIS Program Optimization

    Client: Seattle City Light, Boundary Project
  • Organic Composting Facility – Site Suitability Analysis

    Client: High Desert Organix
  • Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, Environmental Data Management Support

    Client: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Field Security Mapping Application

    Client: Mercy Corps
  • Industrial Lands Conditions and Infrastructure Assessment

    Client: City of Spokane
  • Collaboration Tools For Conservation

    Client: Washington Farmland Trust & American Farmland Trust
  • Solid Waste System Assessment

    Client: Thurston County
  • Trail Inventory and Suitability Analysis

    Client: Lewis & Clark College
  • Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Environmental Data Management Support

    Client: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Drainage District – Asset Management System Development

    Client: Multnomah County Drainage District
  • International Water and Sanitation Program Support

    Client: Mercy Corps
  • Retail Territory Design and Store Expansion Strategy

    Client: New Seasons Market
  • Stormwater System – Asset Management Development

    Client: City of Kelso

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