Attendance Boundary Analysis and Adjustment

A school boundary analysis and adjustment project can feel like a high-stakes endeavor, requiring the careful integration of data and community input. With our help, school districts use data to discover the best remedies for enrollment imbalances or facility utilization issues and earn community buy-in through effective community engagement strategies.

Our Boundary Planning Services

Boundary Studies & Due Diligence

Behind every decision to update boundaries is a complex web of priorities and considerations that must be untangled before an update can begin. We’ll work with you to prioritize your planning goals, model potential impacts, and communicate the findings to your board of directors and community so you can move forward with confidence.

Equity Focused

As a company, we strongly believe that all students should have access to educational opportunities that best meet their individual needs. We can help you determine school boundaries and school program placements that ensure that schools and programs are inclusive and equitable and reflect the demographics of the communities you serve.

Data-Driven Analysis

The backbone of every successful boundary review is data—residence-based student enrollment forecasts, historical enrollment analyses, residential development information, and much more. Our experienced analysts are ready to support your boundary review with the information you need to make informed decisions.

GIS-Powered Scenario Modeling

Create as many boundary scenarios as you need to arrive at the best one. Our GIS-powered Boundary Scenario Modeling Application empowers boundary review planning committee members and district staff to ask as many “what if” questions as they need to, and visualize the impact of potential boundary adjustments on enrollment numbers, free- and reduced-price-lunch assistance, diversity, affected students, and more.

Planning Committee Process Design

A meticulously designed planning committee process is critical to the success of every boundary review. We’re ready to dive into the details and help you develop a committee application and selection process, create timelines and agendas for committee meetings, and organize community outreach activities.

Strategic Community Engagement

No boundary review is successful without the buy-in of the community. We provide community engagement strategy and support that ensure community buy-in, including community feedback surveys, boundary review committee meeting facilitation, public open house planning, and post-boundary online school locators.

Post-Boundary Review Support

Ensure a seamless implementation of your new boundaries with affected-student analyses, SIS and student transportation updates, and tools to communicate the changes to district staff and the community. We’re ready to help, whether or not we worked with you during your actual boundary review.

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“FLO Analytics has been a valuable partner during our multi-year enrollment balancing initiative. They have provided tools, experience and perspectives that bring clarity and transparency to complex school boundary and program location challenges.”—Judy Brennan, Enrollment and Transfer Center Director, Portland Public Schools

“The impressive FLO Analytics Team of professionals provided our school district a comprehensive enrollment study that was thorough and easy for the Board of Education to understand. FLO Analytics provided exactly the type of data needed for future financial planning.” —Lori Motsch, Ed.D, Superintendent, New Lenox School District

Best Practices For Updating Boundaries

How to Update School Boundaries | FLO Analytics

Updating school attendance area boundaries can be complex and potentially contentious, and most districts will undertake the process more than once. Yet, well-known best practices have been few and far between.

Until now.

Our guide to updating boundaries explores the four major steps in the boundary update process. Whether you’re just starting to think about a boundary update or already have one planned, this free e-book will provide the knowledge you need to successfully lead a data-driven boundary update that satisfies the needs of your community and your school district.

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