Donor and Participant Analysis – International Student Exchange Program

Client: AFS-USA

Location: Multiple Locations, U.S.

AFS-USA (AFS) is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that offers international exchange programs in more than 40 countries around the world. We’ve worked with AFS over several years, providing them with the means to make data-driven decisions in order to track, evaluate, and prioritize program needs. Here are a number of ways that we’ve assisted AFS.

We helped with the tracking and analysis of program participants, including participating schools, host families, sending families, and volunteers. We also mapped and provided general summary stats for the different types of program participants, and compared program information to a number of demographic and socioeconomic characteristics. This allowed AFS to better understand general commonalities for the various program participants, as well as which regions across the country are poised for growth and, in turn, how that relates to staffing needs in those areas.

We also assisted with a number of donor campaigns across the country. This work has been focused on the demographic profiling and analysis of contributions, based on the donor’s location and contribution level, and subsequent measurement of the results against socioeconomic datasets to establish donor potential metrics. Our latest work is concentrated on evaluating income and distance from an urban core to identify and evaluate potential invitees for a regional fundraising event.

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