GIS Needs Assessment: Stormwater Utility

Client: City of Shelton

Location: Shelton, Washington

After completing a GIS needs assessment, the City of Shelton prioritized the conversion and development of their GIS-based stormwater utility dataset. We developed a scope of work that would both accomplish the city’s conversion goals and integrate with their existing long-term GIS program goals.

We began with spatial data organization including:

  • Compilation, conversion, and standardization of city and county datasets
  • Acquisition, conversion, and standardization of stormwater network features from AutoCAD to ArcGIS
  • Standardization of stormwater features to a common coordinate system
  • Development of an appropriate stormwater model for continued management of stormwater infrastructure

Additionally, we developed a custom web map application to allow secure access to spatial datasets. The app allows city users to interact with GIS datasets, edit stormwater layers, and query and print maps. On-call support was provided in addition to for city staff members.

City of Shelton’s GIS needs assessment was completed as part of the Association of Washington Cities GIS Consortium. Learn more about the Consortium here.

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Tyler Vick

Tyler Vick


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