Asset Management and GIS Program Optimization

Client: Seattle City Light, Boundary Project

Location: Pend Oreille County, Washington

As part of a two-year project with electric utility Seattle City Light (SCL), we are providing the environmental affairs group with ongoing GIS services to support their Boundary Dam relicensing program. SCL’s Boundary project supplies more than one-third of SCL’s power and includes management responsibilities related to fisheries, terrestrial wildlife, habitat protection, recreation, and cultural resources.

Following the completion of an initial needs assessment and several stakeholder workshops, our team developed high-level components of a work plan defining efforts to be pursued over the next two years. Ongoing work for SCL includes:

  • Development of an extensive authoritative data catalog
  • Creation of LiDAR and analysis derivative products
  • Workflow automation, including the development of custom tools and scripts
  • Design and implementation of ArcSDE on SCL’s Oracle database
  • Field data collection workflow design
  • Development of an enterprise Web portal
  • Focused training and implementation support

The end goal is to develop a robust and user-friendly system that meets multiple end user needs for field data collection, data access and integration, visualization, and reporting. FLO is partnering with The Gartrell Group to provide SCL with our combined resources and expertise throughout the length of the project.

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