Stormwater System – Asset Management Development

Client: City of Kelso

Location: Kelso, Washington

The City of Kelso’s Phase III Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) provides critical information for capital improvement projects and assists the city in complying with municipal stormwater permit requirements. To facilitate the development of the SMP, we created a GIS-based stormwater asset management system that gave the city access to and control of the datasets required for making important decisions related to management of their stormwater collection system.

Our analysts compiled all elements of the city’s stormwater system into a centralized geodatabase, a task that had not yet been done. This included the integration of previously collected field data, the identification of data gaps throughout the stormwater system, and the field planning and GPS collection of additional stormwater features. We then used the compiled datasets to create a variety of GIS-derived products, including the development of topological data relationships and modeling of pervious and impervious surfaces throughout the city.

A training component ensured that the city’s engineering staff could access and maintain the geodatabase. We developed a comprehensive data management plan for outlining appropriate workflows for updating and editing data, associating photos and other documents with the GIS data, and managing additional agency and partner datasets.

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