Meet Ruth McColly, Senior GIS Analyst

Author: Grant Herbert, GISP Published: July 29, 2019 Ruth McColly, Senior GIS Analyst

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I was born and raised in the Tri-Cities (Richland, Washington). I had a few stints in New York and Texas in my younger years and traveled around and worked on the West Coast after graduate school. I made my way back to my home state eight years ago, and now I live in Seattle.

What do you do at FLO?

I am a senior GIS analyst in the Seattle office. I mostly work with local government clients that are members of the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) GIS Consortium, a program cofounded by FLO and AWC that helps increase access to GIS services for Washington cities. When I work on these kinds of projects, I’m helping Washington cities that may not have the time or staff to implement GIS solutions, or just want GIS assistance without having to take on an additional staff member.

What’s rewarding about your job?

I get to help people and cities in my home state every day.


Why is what you do important?

I believe everyone should have access to the best possible data and technologies available. When cities have that, they’re able to work more effectively, and thereby help more citizens. City employees have a lot on their plate, and they don’t always have the bandwidth to search out the best technology or take on really complex tasks. That’s where I can help fill in as a senior GIS Analyst.

What skills do you bring to your work?

I bring 12 years of professional GIS experience, skills in GIS analysis, and skills in data management and technologies, as well as a well-honed project management ability. And, of course, my joy of working with many different types of people from all different backgrounds and fields of work.

What do you like to do off the clock?

Spending time with my family outdoors! That includes my husband, baby, and dog going camping, golfing, swimming, and wine tasting.

If you were not a Senior GIS Analyst, what would you be?

This is tough since I finally feel like I have a job that I was always meant to be doing! Having already had my first dream job—a working archaeologist—I think I would like to finish my working career as a college professor teaching archaeology (yes, that would make me Indiana Jones!).

What’s on your bucket list?

Play Pebble Beach Golf Course and Augusta National Golf Course, or at least see the Masters in person! Visit the United Kingdom (especially Ireland) and, of course, play golf there! Visit New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji.

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