Land Redevelopment Project Takes Flight with Aerial Imagery and Mapping

Client: ELESCO Limited

Location: Davenport, Washington

Lincoln County found that its 20-acre property used for the Lincoln County Fair was underutilized and not producing sufficient revenues to cover the year-round costs of owning and maintaining the site. To identify potential expanded revenue-generating uses for the property, the county hired ELESCO LLC to perform a best-use analysis. ELESCO initiated a partnership with FLO, recognizing our expertise in using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to capture high-resolution imagery critical for accurate site planning.

To support the best-use analysis, FLO conducted a UAS flight to collect high-resolution orthophotos and topographic data. Preflight planning in collaboration with county staff contributed greatly to the success of this project. The flight imagery accurately captured utility locations and other property features critical for planning redevelopment. After the flight, FLO data analysts performed feature extraction of some of the most important information from the high-resolution imagery, resulting in a collaborative tool for evaluating redevelopment scenarios.

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