Benjamin Maloney

Senior Data Analyst

If one word could describe Benjamin, it would be cornucopia. While his current focus is on school districts and demography, he started off as a meteorologist in Houston, Texas. His wide-ranging work life has included property tax assessment; farmland preservation; road/utility project management; and, most recently, demographics for the eighth-largest school district in the United States: the Houston Independent School District. Always ready to jump into another project and lend a helping hand, Benjamin brings enthusiasm as well as a treasure trove of experience to his current role at FLO.

When Benjamin isn’t at the office, he can be found walking or riding around town with his wife in search of the next great brewery, lifting heavy things in his home gym, or scoping out the local trivia scene.

“I didn’t start out looking to do anything with GIS, but somehow it found its way into every place I’ve been. I love that GIS is a hodgepodge of usefulness that covers everything from simple maps to complex environmental analysis. Since joining the FLO team, I’ve had the opportunity to work with wonderful people, internally with fellow FLO employees and externally with our clients, making each day an incredible experience.”


Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, Northern Illinois University

Master of Science in Economic Geography, Northern Illinois University


Undergraduate Geographic Information Systems Certificate, Northern Illinois University

Graduate Certification in Geographic Information Analysis, Northern Illinois University

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