GIS Capacity Building and Conservation Planning

Client: Okanogan Land Trust

Location: Okanogan and Ferry Counties, Washington

Okanogan Land Trust (OLT) is a small land trust with limited time and resources to spend wading through the process of upgrading, organizing, and enhancing their existing GIS system. To get them quickly up and running, we compiled a wish list of key supporting datasets, integrated these with OLT’s existing data, and standardized it all in a user-friendly database. We then developed map templates and a land holdings database to help OLT streamline map making and more easily track baseline information on their properties.

“FLO far exceeded our expectations. Hiring them was absolutely the most efficient and cost-effective way for us to quickly improve our organization’s GIS system. I highly recommend this team, they provided superb GIS consulting services to our small land trust.” – Okanogan Land Trust

To assist Okanogan Land Trust in their conservation efforts, our team developed a strategic conservation plan concentrating efforts on the best projects for the land trust, while avoiding efforts not directly aligned with their mission. We did this by reaching out to local experts and community members, and mapping existing resources. OLT held three workshops to engage partners and stakeholders. These meetings were used to inform the community of past and future work, define and prioritize the major conservation values of the region, and to solicit input from the local community and resource experts.

A GIS-based analysis then defined priority focal areas and properties across OLT’s service identifying areas for: working lands protection, key stream and wetland habitats, and wildlife habitats that are adjacent to public and protected lands.

Within these areas, we developed a three to five year implementation plan that took into account prioritization, landowner willingness, and opportunities and threats to conservation.

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